Triple Layer Pomegranate Mousse

This was shockingly scrumptious. While I am a sucker for pomegranate, I hate the texture of jello; but this was SO GOOD! With strawberry jello in two of the three ombre layers, it is flavored to the max; but each flavor works perfectly with the next. It is culinary witchcraft.

Creamy Pomegranate Layer:

4 oz strawberry jello

3/4 c boiling water

3/4 c cold pomegranate juice

1 c pomegranate seeds*

*roughly the seeds of a single pomegranate

To prepare the middle layer, combine jello powder and boiling water. Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved, then add the pomegranate juice. Place in the refrigerator and let the jello set halfway, stirring infrequently to monitor. It should still be a liquid but the mixture will have gelatinous chunks. It sounds gross but you don’t want it too liquid or too solid. Once you have a good consistency, remove from the refrigerator and bring to room temperature.

Creamy Cheese Layer:

2 c heavy cream

2 c confectionery sugar

1 tsp vanilla

12 oz whipped cream cheese*

*or 8 oz brick of cream cheese, whipped

Meanwhile, if you are not using pre-whipped cream cheese, in a medium bowl, whip the cream cheese until it’s light and fluffy. In a different bowl, whip the heavy cream, vanilla, and confectionery sugar until it forms stiff peaks. Then fold in the cream cheese. Divide the whipping cream and cream cheese mixture in half. Transfer half of the mixture into the quasi jello bowl and stir to combine, folding in the pomegranate seeds. Pipe or spoon the remaining original cream mixture into the bottom of 9 serving glasses. (It depends on the size of your glasses and how generous you are with the thicknesses of the layers.) Next, spoon or pipe the pink creamy pomegranate mixture on top of the white base inside the glasses. Place the glasses in the refrigerator for an hour or so. You want the pink layer nice and chilled so that when the next layer is poured on, the layers remain distinct.

Top Jello Layer:

6 oz strawberry jello powder

1 c boiling water

1 c cold pomegranate juice

garnish with additional pomegranate seeds

While the glasses are chilling, start preparing the boiling water, jello, and additional pom juice. Combine the water and powder first, stirring until the granules are dissolved, then add the juice. Allow to cool to room temperature (I found that this took a while. To speed the process I popped that bowl in the fridge as well.) After the glasses have set for an hour, pour the deep red/purple liquid on top and place the glasses back into the refrigerator. Let the jello set for several hours, preferably overnight. Garnish the top with additional pomegranate seeds before serving, if desired. Store any leftovers in the fridge.


Thanks to Tatyanas Everyday Food for the recipe!




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