This is the stuff of unicorns, rainbows, leprechauns, and fairies- this is where the magic happens!

Multi-colored frosting is one of the coolest ways to decorate your dessert with frosting. (Although, that is a category with a lot of competition.) You can blend them together to get an ombre effect. Or your can have crisp, clean lines of color that are side by side on your dessert. Both are equally awesome in completely different ways. You can also have as many or as few colors included in your frosting as you’d like.

That said, it’s common to have three. But by no means is that a hard and fast rule. And they even sell contraptions that allow you to have multiple, independent piping bags all lassoed together.

However, if you’re like me and you want to do it on the cheap, you still have two options.

Here’s how it’s done- if you don’t mind freestyling without a store bought tool, that is.

The first option is how you’d make swirls with distinctly separate color.

Frist, scrape one of your colored frostings into plastic wrap. Then roll the the wrap into a log shape. Repeat with all the other colors, putting each one in it’s very own plastic roll. From there, cut one end of the plastic wrap away, so when pressure is applied, the frosting can escape from one end but not the other.

Then rubber band them together and squeeze them all into a piping bag. (The piping bag should already be fitted with the tip you want to use.) And pipe away just like you normally would.

The second option blends the colors together for a super cool color gradient.

And it’s really simple to do.

Just spoon one spoonful of one colored frosting into a piping bag (fitted with the tip you want to use). Then alternate to a different color and add another spoonful into the piping bag. Repeat until the piping bag is full. Now, in the beginning, you will be piping a solid color. But, as you continue to pipe, the colors will start to blend together. But if that doesn’t work for you, you can always lightly fold the frostings together in the bowl before ever scooping the frosting into the piping bag.