A moment of silence, please, in honor of everything you have accomplished. 😔🙏

The time has come. You are no longer a pupil. Now, the student has become the master. 🎓

A cake master, that is! 🎉🎂

And this here teacher could NOT be any prouder! 👩‍🏫😭 Honestly, I know you’ve worked really hard to get all the way through this course. And I’ve noticed. Really. And I promise I was duly impressed.

There was a TON of info crammed into this course and you absorbed it all like an amazingly talented sponge. 🧽👨‍🍳

You are AWESOME! And now you’ve mad skills, too!

You know the difference between a foam cake and a butter cake. You know buttercream frosting forwards, backwards, and sideways. And you even know that you can whip chocolate ganache into a pseudo frosting! I didn’t even know that until I started buffing up my knowledge for this course! So, you’re like, way ahead of me.

Legitly, how cool are you right now?! 😎 (Answer: So darn cool.)

It might be lame, but I really do want to say thank you for spending all this quality time with me. 🤗 I’ve had a blast and I hope you did too.

I sincerely hope you learned everything about cakes that you ever wanted to know. And I’m willing to bet you learned at least one fact that you never knew you wanted to know about cakes. And on that count: you’re welcome.

Now go out and fill the world full of joy and cake! 🍰

I’ve loved being your Virtual Baking Bestie, but you just don’t need me anymore. So, like Mary Poppins, I’ll take my bow and leave you to create cakey masterpieces in your kitchen, unbothered by little old me. ☂ (So, not exactly like Mary Poppins. But close enough. 😅)

Joyfully yours,

Mackie 😘🧁