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Thank you so much for purchasing our “Cookie Course!” (At least, that’s what we nicknamed it in preproduction.) After spending three years in the kitchen- making hundreds of different types of desserts- my brother felt it was time to start sharing not just the recipes, but the kitchen-smarts with people, too. And you are those people! So, I repeat: thank you!

Just between us, I found the process of creating this course pretty intimidating. While I know a lot about cookies (and other desserts), I didn’t know what advice you would find most helpful. Mostly because I didn’t know what YOU didn’t know about cookies! So I procrastinated… And it took me a while to get started, and even longer to find my groove. But here it is, in all it’s finished glory!

The take away is this: If cooking from scratch makes you uncomfortable, I get it. Doing something you don’t feel equipped to tackle is intimidating. Period. However, what got me unstuck from my funk is the same thing that’s going to radically improve your relationship with your kitchen: you’ll have help.

That’s where I come in!

I’m so excited that you have invited me into your kitchen to help you #bakebetter! And the wording here is important- better. Not perfect. Because perfection requires an enormous amount of time that very few people have to give. Honestly, every where I look there are people who are better than me- at life, in the kitchen, you name it. But that doesn’t mean that we- the imperfect people- can’t still slay in the kitchen! My goal is for you to absolutely stun all of your loved ones- and impress yourself, too- by the end of this course.

And if you’re reading this, saying: “I’m no novice in the kitchen, this clearly wasn’t written for me,” then you just haven’t read far enough! I’ve included helpful hints and tricks that will improve the culinary prowess of any chef, regardless of initial skill level. And the last few sections are strictly dedicated to more advanced cookie techniques and problem solving. No matter how much you know, there is always more to learn. And who doesn’t want to elevate their cookie game to even greater heights?!

So here’s to making some mouthwateringly scrumptious desserts together!

Your new Cookie Fairy Godmother,

Mackie, co-founder of joyfulbakers.com