Don’t bother with these tools. 🚫 Save your money for extra sprinkles or a nice purse instead. 👜

I want to help you save money 💲 and stay focused on only buying the baking essentials. So I’ve included a list of baking gadgets that, in my opinion, are not worth spending your hard earned cash on. Some of them have let me down time and again. 😓

Whereas others, while undoubtedly useful, you can get away without while you’re learning. 🎒

In this case, I simply suggest postposing your purchase until you’ve spent more time in the kitchen. (There’s not point in investing in a kitchen tool unless you’re confident that you’re going to get your moneys worth out of it.) 🐖🏦

Tools To Toss 🚮

Multiple Frosting Applicator: I tried to get this to work for me so many times. I even tried tying the different piping bags together with a rubber band. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t get them to lock together like they were supposed to. Which was a major bummer. 😔 Because if had worked as advertised, it would have been so cool! 😎

So, sadly, my two cents is to skip it.

I know a different way to make multicolored frosting- which I’ll teach you how in the frosting section. 👩‍🏫 And best of all there are no special gadgets required.

Large Offset Spatula: Offset spatulas are the ideal tool to have on hand while you’re decorating. However, while I own a large offset spatula, I never use it. 🤫 I literally only ever use my small 5 inch offset spatula. So, I feel like I can’t advocate that you buy a large offset spatula when I never use my own.

(Seriously though, I legit use my little spatula for everything. 🌌 That’s the tool you should buy- in my opinion.)

Silicone Baking Mat: Silicone baking mats are billed as a reusable, more ecofriendly 🌎 alternative to parchment paper. But I’m in love with parchment paper ♥ so I’ve never bought one. That said, I have read that they’re not the best option for some desserts. (I pretty sure it was talking about macaron cookies. And it does this is by changing the rate that it cooks in the oven.) So, I felt very validated when I learned that. 🥰

But even with my own personal preferences aside, I vote that you try using parchment paper first. (Or, as a bare minimum, you oil and flour your cake pans.) That way, you can save a little bit of money while you discovering how “into baking” you actually are.

Cake Leveling Tool: A cake leveling tool is a thin wire held between two poles- like a tightrope at the circus. 🎪 The height of the wire is adjustable, so you set the wire to the height that you want to cut your cake. And then, you pull the wire through your dessert. Personally, I have no beef with this tool 🐄.

But, then again, I don’t actually own one.

I’ve only ever used a serrated knife to level my cakes. 🔪 Because it was already in my kitchen and it does a great job. So, for that reason, I vote that you save yourself the money.

Cupcake Corer: This tool helps you make filled cupcakes. 🧁 But a sharp knife works just as well. 🔪Or, if you own an apple corer, you can use that too. 🍎 Just be sure you only press it down half way- you don’t want to core your entire cupcake!

(Quick question: Is an apple corer a common kitchen tool everywhere? Or just in New York state? 🗽 Because here in the Big Apple, everyone owns one- in fact, it’s required by law. And I’m just wondering 🤔💭 if that’s true in other states- states that don’t have to defend the “apple” in their nickname. 🤣🤣)

If you need to pinch pennies, 💰 these tools aren’t mission critical. 👩‍🚀 (But they’re really nice to have on hand. 🖐)

Piping bags: I HIGHLY recommend buying piping bags. Especially if you’re getting into baking for the decorating aspect of it. However. If you are just here to experiment, to see if you even like baking or not, you don’t have to buy piping bags.

There’s a quick, cheap, and easy DIY hack you can use instead.

Just take a plastic Ziplock bag and trim off a corner. ✂ That’s it. That’s the whole trick. And it works just as good as a store bought piping bag. Just be careful to cut the correct size hole for the piping tip you’ll be using. 🕳 (You don’t want the opening so wide that your tips falls out. 🐘 Or so small that the it doesn’t work properly. 🐁) So, my advice is to start by cutting off only a little bit of the bag. 🤏 Then, dry fit your piping tip and cut off a little more if needed. Cause remember: you can always cut off more, but you’ll have to start over if you cut off too much. ⏮

Cake Stand: Cake stands are a really cool way to present your finished cake. (I mean, who doesn’t want their cake on a pedestal for all to admire? 😍) But, they’re not worth the money if you don’t plan on making a lot of cakes. 🎂🎂🎂


The one advantage of a proper cake stand is that it’s completely flat. And most regular plates have a rim to them. So, for that reason, I’d actually recommend you use a cutting board instead of a plate to decorate and serve your cake.

Cake Server: Cake servers are a triangular shaped spatula. And they’re used for moving individual slices of cake from the main cake onto a dessert plate. They’re also good for any 🔺 triangular shaped dessert pieces- like pie or cookie cake. 🥧🍪 And while they’re quite useful for getting beautiful slices of cake, they’re not a critical tool.

And that’s a wrap on the tools you’ll need (or not need) for this course! 🎬

Give yourself a round of applause for getting through it. 👏

Unlike with other baked goods, cakes can require a whole host of tools to make them the best that they can be. And you absorbed all that knowledge like a sponge and made it to the other side! 🧽 Hooray! 🎉

But the cake smarts don’t stop here. 💡🧠 Oh, no, we’re just getting started! Ready to actually start learning about cakes now? If you answered yes, then click the Next Lesson button to start the next section- which I’m so excited about. 😁🥳

Because it’s finally time to teach you everything you need to know about cakes and cupcakes! 🤯