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The Three Steps of Baking Success

Keeping Things Simple So You Can Improve

We believe in keeping things simple.  That’s why you’ll see these same 3 steps inside this courses along with all of the helpful information you’ll need to truly find a love for baking.  These three steps help you focus on mastering a recipe before you move on.  All while placing an emphasis on repetition because it is true with baking as most thing, practice makes perfect.

Step 1: Learn

For each type of cookie we study, the very first thing we do is teach.  It is just so important that you learn all you can about the dessert we are focusing on BEFORE you jump into the kitchen.  Understanding what is happening “behind the scenes” will set you up for success once we are ready to make that recipe for real.

Step 2: Bake

Here comes the fun part…  After finishing the lesson video about that type of cookie, the next thing you will see is the recipe walkthrough.  This is the part where we want you to actually get into your kitchen and make the example recipe alongside us.  As I mentioned above, the only way to keep improving is by regularly “mastering” a recipes.  It’s going to take practice, I can promise you that.  Once you come across the Recipe Walkthrough for that type of cookie.  Please don’t just skip through.  We want you in your kitchen, ingredients prepped and ready to bake.  The videos will be a faster paced than what you can do in real-time so please pause when needed and let us walk you through a successful cookie recipe. 

Step 3: Share and Repeat

Now that you’ve made a batch of awesome cookies, it’s time to celebrate!  We encourage you to leave a comment on the recipe walkthrough post or jump right into the community tab to share your baking story.  Was it a success?  Did something go wrong?  No matter what your story is, we will be in the community tab eager to hear how it went.  Following the Recipe Walkthrough section, you’ll find a quick 3-5 question quiz to see how much you learned about that kind of cookie.  (There’s is no pressure from these quizzes.  What your score is has no effect on the course.).  We thought it would be a fun way to refresh what you learned before moving on.  That’s because, as soon as you finish the quiz, you’ll be right into the next section with a new type of cookie.  This pattern will repeat throughout the course and will put you on a path of baking success!  

Before we jump into the cookies, let’s do a quick refresher to make sure we have the basics down correctly.