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Thank You

Thank you for working your way through our Cookie Course! You cookie guru, you.


I trust you learned some exciting new recipes and cookie hacks. And I can only hope that you will use your newfound kitchen confidence strictly for good. Because the amount of awesomeness you just displayed should come with some kind of warning label! Now that you’re officially a cookie boss, I have a favor to ask you- from one dessert boss to another:


If you enjoyed this course and found it valuable, would you encourage others to purchase this course, too?


Breezeway Bakery is a small, family run operation and crafting dessert videos and pictures is our full time occupation. So first of all, thank you for appreciating our hard work! We have big dreams for the future of Breezeway Bakery, and the more money we make, the more we can turn those dreams into a delicious, sugar filled reality. So it would mean the world to me if you would promote this course to your friends and family. It’s an opportunity for them to both hone their cookie-baking skills and support our fledgling startup at the same time.


Besides, what’s better than a world with more delicious cookies???


Congratulations (again… or is it still?) on becoming a more knowledgeable chef! You totally deserve all of the tasty things that are about to come your way! (Straight from your oven, in fact!) So I’ll leave you with this last word of advice: Remember to bookmark the pages of your favorite recipes (or just look them up on our website, breezewaybakery.com), refer back to the index if you have any questions, and to check out the other great, food based websites we mentioned in the Resources section.


Happy Baking!