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Separating an Egg

Ready for some egg-cellent knowledge? Great! 不

Separating an egg is really easy- once you know how to do it. But first:

What does it even mean to separate an egg?

Well, it means that you divide the whole egg into two distinct parts- the egg white and the egg yolk. (Of course, there’s also the third part of the egg: the shell. But you never eat that, so it’s not relevant to your baking. ) Why would you ever want to separate an egg? Because there are times that you only want one piece of the egg for a recipe, but not the other. For example, lots of recipes use only the egg white. And other recipes only want the egg yolk.

So, if you want to make these recipes, then you’ll need the skill of being able to separate an egg.

Which is what I’m about to teach you- so listen up!

Before you break any eggs, you’ll need to do a little prep work.

First, you will need two small bowls: one for the egg white and one for the egg yolk.

Note that you have to be incredibly careful not to break the egg yolk! If you do, as soon the yolk starts to bleed yellow, you’re in trouble. Now, if that happens, you have to stop, drop, and roll. 休不 No, not really! But you do have to stop separating immediately and make a judgment call. 抽儭

No matter what, the broken egg gets thrown out.

But you need to decide if you got the egg separated enough for your recipe. Or, if you need to start over again with a brand new egg in order to have the right amount of egg in your dessert.

And since I don’t know your exact situation, that call is 100% on you.

But don’t worry- I believe in you. You’ve got this!

Finally- it’s time to get your hands dirty!

Now, to actually separate the egg, break the egg shell in half over one of the bowls. And it is very important that you do this over a bowl. 奴 Otherwise, the egg whites will make a mess. 完 So, the first step after you crack your egg is to let your egg whites drip into the awaiting bowl.

Then, carefully transfer the egg yolk into the other half of the egg shell.

Repeat this juggling motion as often as you need to in order to send the egg whites into the bowl below. Lastly, you can put the egg yolk into the second bowl. And just like that, you’ve separated an egg!

But wait- there’s a second way you can do it! 氣仁

Alternatively, you can just use your fingers. (You’ll still need the two bowls, though.) Simply crack the egg into your palm and then let the egg whites drip into a bowl underneath your hand. After the egg whites have separated from the yolk, youre done. All that’s left is to put the egg yolk into the second bowl.

And for you to wash up. 尬

Before you leave, I have some bonus wisdom for you.

If you accidentally get a piece of egg shell in your eggs, all is not lost.

I don’t know if you know, but it is really hard to get small pieces of egg shell out of egg whites. Once they’re in there, they want to move in permanently. 妊 And the egg whites have this annoying ability to keep the egg shells just out of reach. Literally, every time you try to get them out using your fingers you get so close only to get denied. It’s almost like they can use the force to mess with you. It’s maddening!

But, you don’t have to risk your sanity!

Instead, you can use a second egg shell as a tool to fish it out!

Strangely, this is a scenario where you have to fight fire with fire. 休 Or, rather, eggs with eggs. The key to success is to actually use a large, intact piece of egg shell instead of your fingers. It can cut through the egg white and get you directly to your destination: the unwanted piece of shell. Kinda like a fast pass at Disney World.

And of course, the entire reason you remove these stray pieces of egg shell is because they’re crunchy. And they stay that way. So if you put it in your dessert, you’ll have a surprise crunch spot in your otherwise awesome dessert. Even if your dessert gets baked in the oven, the shell doesn’t get any softer.

So, naturally, you want to avoid these devilish little surprises.