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Separating an Egg

First, you will need two small bowls: one for the egg white and one for the egg yolk. You have to be incredibly careful not to break the egg yolk because once the yolk starts to bleed yellow, you have to stop separating immediately. Depending on your situation, you can either call it ‘separated enough’ or start fresh with a different egg.

To actually separate the egg, break the egg shell in half over one of the bowls so that the egg whites drip into the awaiting bowl. Then, carefully transfer the egg yolk into the other half of the egg shell; repeating as necessary to collect the majority of the whites. Once you’re done, put the egg yolk into the second bowl. Alternatively, you can just use your fingers, cracking the egg into your palm and letting the egg whites drip into a bowl underneath. After you’re done, just put the yolk into a different bowl.

If you get a piece of egg shell in your eggs, you can use a second egg shell as a tool to fish it out! Eggs have an annoying way of pushing the pieces further away when you try and use your finger. But using a large, intact piece of egg shell can cut through the egg and get you directly to the unwanted piece of shell. And the entire reason you remove these dastardly pieces is so your cookies won’t have undesirable crunchy spots inside of them.