Round up the round tips!

Round tips are the exception to the rule. Because while every other tip out there has intricate detailing where the frosting comes out of the tip- in order to shape it- the round tip doesn’t. The round tip still tapers, but the narrower end is completely smooth.

Due to this fact, the frosting comes out completely smooth, too!

Additionally, because of it’s uniqueness round tips aren’t only used for decorating. Sometimes you can use a round tip to control batter. For example, precision jobs, like piping donut batter into a donut baking pan, benefit greatly from a piping bag fitted with a round tip.

But we’re here to talk frosting, so let’s do that!

There are two sizes of round tip that are good for different jobs.

Large round tips are helpful in creating swirl designs that are perfectly smooth. Think of a high-hat cupcake. They’re also good at creating a dome shape, by holding the tip in the center of your dome and just squeezing until it’s the height you want it to be.

Small round tips are stellar for creating little ribbons, banners, or writing “Happy Birthday” on top of your cake. (Or any text, but you get my point.) They can also create little dots as accents.

These are some of the handy ways you can use a small round frosting tip: