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Outline and Objectives

We’re firm believers in our method of Learn, Bake, Share & Repeat. And this course will use this method to make you a better baker.

The goal of this course it to take you, regardless of your initial skill level, and turn you into a master cake baker. Or at the very least spark enough enthusiam to get you into the kitchen and baking a whole bunch of cakes from scratch- with confidence. I’ll be baking right along side of you in video form, helping you through each recipe.

In the course, we’re going to cover an absolute ton of information. Like XYZ

As you move through the course, you will hit the Next Lesson button. This will do two things. In your menu it will cross off the lesson you just finished. And it will instantly move you into the next lesson, so that you can keep learning seamlessly. Even though all completed lessons are permanently crossed off, you can still access the information with the click of a button.

And we encourage you to use this course as a resource. Even after you’ve worked your way through the course, flip back through it whenever you have a cake specific baking question. This course is meant to be comprehensive, so all the information offered might not sink in the first time. And that’s ok.

Our first Section is all about the tools your kitchen will need to prepare you to have a successful cake baking experience. So if you’re ready to get started, hit the Next Lesson button to dive on in and get to learning!