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Measuring Wet Ingredients 💧

Measuring wet ingredients is super similar to measuring dry ingredients.

To measure wet ingredients, you’ll need a liquid measuring cup.

Pour your liquid into the measuring cup until you almost have the amount you need. You actually want to stop a little bit short of getting the perfect amount. 🛑 Then, you should crouch down until you’re eye level with the side of your measuring cup. I know this sounds silly, but it’s important in order for you to measure things correctly. 📏

Now that you’re eye level with the measuring cup, you need to look for the waterline. 🌊

The waterline it is a clear, white line with. And it has some thickness to it- it’s roughly 1/16ths of an inch thick. After you’ve found it, slowly add more liquid to your measuring cup. Keep going until the bottom of that waterline aligns with the measurement you need.

It’s really important that you use the bottom of the waterline as your marker. If you measure to the top of the line, you will not have an accurate measurement! 😮

Of course, if you add too much liquid, that’s not the end of the world. 🌎 Simply pour out the extra until you have the correct amount in your measuring cup.