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Measure Dry Ingredients 🌵

I wouldn’t leave you high and dry! Let’s run through the basics of how to measure dry ingredients!

Now, it’s possible you already know how to measure ingredients. And if so, that’s great! 👏

But I feel it’s be negligent of me to skip it entirely. And I don’t want to do that to you. So, please bear with me as I give you the quick run down. 🐻 (I mean, it’s such an important part of the baking process that I have to mention it. I just have to!)

To measure dry ingredients, first select your measuring cup and fill completely.

Then, take a knife or offset spatula and run it over the top of the measuring cup to level out the surface. Once you’ve spent a little more time baking, you can start to skip leveling it perfectly with the back of the knife. 🔪 I’ll often eyeball my measuring cup and call it “close enough.”

But to begin with, you need to be precise.