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Introduction & Course Layout


Everyone knows what a cookie is, but there are lots of different kinds of cookies- and each one is unique.  I’ve tried to sort through the many different types of cookies to collect a handful of master recipes to help you improve. Between learning the overarching types of cookies and getting type-specific advice, I hope to educate you towards a successful baking experience.

Course Layout:

There are two main parts to this course, first is the instructional portion of the course where we try to teach you what you’ll need to know to make a killer cookie of that type.  Second is where we recommend recipes for you to try and bake.  The best way for you to learn baking by using this course is by learning a type and getting into the kitchen.  Baking one of our recommendations yourself and then jumping back into the course to learn more. 

Then we are going to go through each type of cookie you may encounter in the kitchen.  Teaching you all you will need to know about that cookie and then walking through an example recipe for that cookie. 

The second part requires you to get into the kitchen! Now you can go through this course and just follow along with the lessons and not really do any baking… BUT we want you to get better, and a large part of that is actually spending time in the kitchen.  Once you go out and actually try a recipe, then you can come back in and leave a comment on the lesson and talk about your experience.  OR jump into the community tab and do some chatting with the community about how the course is coming and how your baking is coming!