Welcome to a brand new section: Frosting Tips!

There are so many different kinds of frosting tips, I won’t be able to cover them all! But I’m going to show you some of my favorites and- more importantly- how to use them. So be prepared to make a lot of frosting, because the best way to learn is by practicing.

Seriously, the old adage “practice makes perfect” has never tasted this sweet!

Now, this new section is going to shake things up a bit.

Unlike all the other lessons that were overflowing with information, these lessons are going to be short and sweet.

The whole point of this section is to showcase some different frosting tips. So these lessons will be very visual and not very text heavy. Each lesson will demonstrate the different “talents” of a specific frosting tip. Then, once you’ve seen what it can do, you should be able to speed onto the next tip.

However, having these available as a reference will come in increasingly handy the deeper you get into the world of frostings and decorating.

So buckle in buttercup, we’re going into the lightning round!

You know what to do by now. Just click on the Next Lesson button to start zipping through these showcases!