Attention class! Kindly direct your glazes on me so we can get started. 🍩

Glazes are the runniest out of the three decorating types, but that doesn’t make them less tasty! Glazes are a common topping when it comes time to decorate foam cakes. Because, as you know, foam cakes are so light and fluffy traditional frosting would weigh them down. Additionally, since they are so fluffy, they actually have the ability to soak up some the moisture in the glaze inside of the cake itself!

Which makes your cake even sweeter!

And this is something that you can totally use to your advantage! Because beyond glazes, you can actually add any type of liquid to your foam cake! Anything from a simple syrup, to liquor, or even coffee can be brushed onto your cake to add flavor. Literally, anything that the spongey nature of foam cake will absorb is fair game.

The easiest way to apply a glaze to a dessert is by pouring the glaze right over the top. Alternatively, you can use a spoon- or even better a ladle, like you use for soup of gravy on Thanksgiving- and drizzle it over the top. Both methods are a little messy, but well worth the trouble. 😋

Get it? Got it? Good. Lesson complete.

Ready to move on? Me too!

Let’s get into frostings- which we will send a lot more time on. Go ahead and click on the Next Lesson button to get started! Frosting! Frosting! Frosting!