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General facts and Best Baking Habits

Before we move on, here are some basic yet important things to remember.


  • Cookies without leavening agents will simply be more dense and flat than cookies with leavening.
  • There is no difference between brown or white eggs, and if you’re using bantam eggs, consider doubling the number of eggs. That said, you have to be careful- you don’t want to have too many extra yolks
  • Whisks can be replaced with spoons
  • Be aware of all food allergies. Gluten, dairy, & nuts are all common baking ingredients. Know if someone you’re serving will be allergic before you go to the grocery store
  • You can substitute any type of oil for canola oil. Just know that depending on the oil you chose, it might affect the taste of your dessert.
  • Covering a dessert in the oven with aluminum foil will allow it to continue baking, while simultaneously preventing them from getting any browner.
  • NEVER microwave metal! It will react explosively in the microwave and is