Now that we’re done with the boring stuff, it’s finally time to get nitty and gritty with cakes!

And I for one am glad. Because learning about the kitchen tools might be “important,” but I’m here to talk about cakes- not cake pans!

Now. Where to even start with cakes?

There are so many things we need have to cover. Like all the different flavors, how to make a layered cake with perfectly even layers, and how to make cakes that are consistently delicious. Yeah. Especially that last one.

Oh, oh! And cupcakes! We can’t forget cupcakes! 🧁

Man. It turns out you can’t have a well-rounded discussion on cakes without taking a lot of detours. But that’s ok. It’s all important stuff to know. And we’re going to talk about all of it.

But first and foremost, we’re going to go over some Batter Basics.

Which really means I’m going to be talking about the basic “Dos” and “Don’ts” of cake batter. And I mean ALL cake batter. Because we’re not only going to focus on baking from scratch. We’re also going to discuss baking with box mixes. (Although we are mostly going talk about baking from scratch.) Why bother with boxed, you ask?

Box mixes are super convenient, versatile, and easy. And I’m not so snobby that I’ll pretend otherwise. Besides, I don’t want you to think that they’re evil or the enemy. 😈 Cause they’re not. They can be very useful.

However, they do have their limits when compared to baking from scratch.

And, speaking of baking from scratch, let’s get into some more specifics on that! (I know this is what you’ve been dying to get into. ⚰ And I am here for you!)

Now, there are lots of different types of cakes, but they can all be separated into two main categories: butter cakes and foam cakes.

The main difference between them is whether the recipe has butter in it or not. 🧈 Well, there’s a little more nuance to it than that, but that’s the basic rule of thumb. Butter cakes are your quintessential birthday cake or your typical box mix cake. Moist, cakey, and heaping with frosting. . . (Yum! πŸ’¦)

Now, foam cakes are a little different.

Instead of using butter, a foam cake’s main ingredient are eggs. Typically, these eggs get whipped by an electric mixer until they’re super light and fluffy. Then, they’re added to the rest of the cake batter which makes the cake super light and fluffy. One famous type of foam cake is Angel Food Cake. πŸ‘Ό (Or, well, at least they were famous in my house. Back when I was growing up.)

But enough lame, textbook knowledge.

You don’t just want to learn about cakes. You want to learn how to make them too!

Well, I’ve got you covered!

In every new lesson I made sure I included some of the baking tips that I’ve learned over the years. And I do my level best to both point out common pitfalls as well as teach you some convenient kitchen hacks along the way. All to make your day in the kitchen a little easier.

Because I see no reason you should learn by trial and error, like I did. Not when I’m here to help, that is! πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ

Phew! That was just a brief overview of what’s to come. πŸ˜…

Like I said earlier, “cake” is no small topic- and these next few lessons reflect that. There is a TON of knowledge crammed in this one section. So I need you to be prepared to learn. . . a lot.

Are you up for the challenge?

If yes, then just go ahead and click on the Next Lesson button and I’ll instantly start teaching you everything you’ll ever need to know about cake batter!