Tiny House

  • Mackie

    August 2, 2021 at 9:04 pm

    As you may, or may not, know, I actually went to college to study architecture.

    Obviously, I didn’t end up getting licensed, but I still have a passion for clean lines, sustainable design, and picking out the perfect finishes to bring an entire project together.

    And as a way to flex that little, baby two year degree I got, I built a tiny house!

    Or, well, most of one.

    This was all made possible because my dad is an expert builder. He’s never done it professionally, but his passion for the craft has led him to DIY some incredible builds over the years.

    And when I say incredible, I really do mean it.

    The last time my sold a house he’d designed, we had an open house and a local architect named Ken walked through. He was blown away by the house, took tons of pictures, and he and my dad geeked-out about building science for hours.

    He was also a professor at the local community college and, a few years later, I ended up taking two of Ken’s classes! But, the most remarkable thing is, he recognized my last name from when he met my dad!

    So my dad’s skills had clearly left an impression.

    But enough about my dad. Let’s get back to the tiny house.

    It’s been two years now and we’ve done a lot. But we’re not done yet. Building has been super slow, since my dad and I have been doing it around the edges of our full time jobs. And a WHOLE lotta life has happened too, at the same time. So finding time to work on it has turned out to be the hardest part of the entire build.

    But what we do have done is my pride and joy.

    My tiny house is on a 20 foot long trailer and is 7′-4″ wide inside. It has a loft bedroom, a couch in front of glass double doors that both open outwards, and my bathroom is tight to the back of the house. My kitchen is large- because, c’mon, it’s me- and, when it’s done, it will have glossy white hexagon tiles as the backsplash.

    I have eight windows, five of them are operable awning windows, two are 24″ diameter circle windows, and one is a custom made trapezoid window.

    The outside is vertical black hemlock that I burned black with a propane torch in a DIY shou sugi ban style. But the inside is a dramatic contrast with all white walls and maple plywood.

    And I have an accent wall on my hitch end that is to-die-for.

    Seriously, it’s absolutely stunning.

    I’ve put SOOO much time, money, sweat, tears, and energy into my not-so-tiny house. And it’s been worth it so far. Honestly, I CANNOT wait to see it finished. And I mean that literally. Cause I’m a very impatient person by nature.

    So this whole thing has been a bit of a lesson on patience for me.

    Anyways, enough about me and my project- what about you?

    If you’re having a not-so-tiny adventure of your own, I’d be SOOO excited to talk about it!

    Are you living that van life? Or living in a yurt? Do you have a tiny house too? (I’m willing to bet yours is better than mine. If you have plumbing and/or a kitchen, then you have me beat.) Are you off grid? Do you wanna be?

    Guys, I cannot express how deeply interesting I am in all of this stuff!

    Beautiful A-frame cabins in the woods, natural swimming pools, drool-worthy kitchens (because I’m still me), and pictures of animals being adorable (they’re just so cute!) make up 90% of my Pinterest account. And I fall asleep designing my future off grid house in my head at night.

    If you love that stuff too, please, please, please let’s talk about it!

  • Mackie

    August 2, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    I did try to explain a little bit about what my tiny house looks like in the previous post, but a picture’s worth a thousand words. So here’s three thousand words, for ya.

    All I ask is that you understand my project is still a work in progress. So please don’t judge to harshly, because it’s not finished yet.

    One’s a picture of the exterior of the house. You can sort of see the grey metal roof and the black siding is made using boards that are cut to different widths.

    One’s a picture of my loft. You can see my bed up in the loft and my kitchen will be directly underneath the loft. And you can see a hint of a room behind my kitchen- that’s my bathroom. I have a Nature’s Head composting toilet and a 32 inch shower in there. And I own a small little sink that (finger’s crossed) will one day be installed in there too.

    The last picture is of my accent wall.

    This is the most recent change to my tiny house. And what makes the accent wall SO cool is that I took three individual boards of 3/4″ maple plywood from Lowe’s, cut them to size, and then put the pieces back together again with a 1/4″ gap in between. Which means that each horizontal row has wood grains that line up perfectly with each other and flow from left to right and right to left.

    It’s the coolest thing.

    Very interesting, yet so Zen it can fade into the background, too. I’m pretty proud of it. I want to mention that in the photo, you can see the shims that we used as spacers while the glue dried. I’ve subsequently taken those out, I just don’t have a more recent picture in my phone right now. But those weird pieces of wood sticking out are not permeant.

    I promise.

    I have tons more pictures of every step of the construction phase. And I’ll continue to take more pics as I march towards the finish line. But if you’re interested in seeing more, just let me know!

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