Free Tutorial On How to Become a Better Baker

So you want to be a better baker. That’s epic!

And you know what? I want that for you too!

But… how are you going to do that? “Better” doesn’t just happen on it’s own. What steps are you going to take to ensure that you do, in fact, improve?

Well, lucky for you, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! We here at Joyful Bakers have developed a tried and true 3 Step Method to make you a better baker in no time at all! Ready to discover our very own skeleton key to success in the kitchen?

Our simple mantra is:

Learn. Bake. Share and repeat.

Now, that might sound familiar, since it’s plastered all over our home page. But it WORKS! If you educate yourself, practice your skills, share your results, and then take it again from the top, your baking skills will improve!

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of the steps, shall we?


Learning more about something you don’t know- or something you don’t know as well as you’d like- is the first step towards improving any skill. And that’s not just good baking advice. That’s straight-up good life advice. So go find yourself some knowledge!

Need more direction? Unsure where to start looking for this new knowledge?

Well, here at Joyful Bakers, we offer a lot of educational materials that can help you on your way. But, of course, you have more options than just us! There are tons of helpful websites and food blogs out there.

And, obviously, Google knows all.

You’re only ever a search engine away from any information you’re looking for. And with the world at your fingertips, don’t be afraid to use all of the resources available to you! Just be careful that the sites you use are trustworthy. If you’re ever in doubt, I recommend you cross reference their facts; checking to see if other websites say the same thing.

(Confused? Don’t be. See, when it comes to the internet, the majority rules. If everyone’s in agreement, than it’s a safe assumption that that’s the truth. If one person says something different than the rest, discount them as an outlier and move on.)

Get it? Got it? Good.

Now that you know the “where” and the “how,” let’s talk about the “what.”

What should you be searching for? What exactly should you be studying up on? What’s the smart play for a baker of your skill level? What types of recipes are an ideal starting point for beginners?

Well, regardless of your specific skill level, my answer is the same: You should you start learning about topics that interest you! That’s right!

You should absolutely tailor your research to what excites YOU!

Focus your education on whatever it is that makes your mouth water and your heart pound. Is it cakes? Cheesecakes? Bread? Or is your interest even narrower? Even if you are singularly interested in healthy chocolate scone recipes, odds are there’s already niche of people who are all over it.

The world of baking is so populous and so diverse, I promise that you’ll find something that excites you. No matter what thrills your taste buds, there is a recipe out there that you are going to LOVE!

So start exploring and discover what’s out there!

Because if you’re baking something that you’re passionate about, you’re deeply invested in getting it right. You want it! Then, even if you ended up picking a dessert that’s “more difficult,” you’ll put in the hard work to see it all the way through... because it’s a recipe you’re passionate about!

Now, I know that sounds kooky, because it’s cyclical logic.

But it’s not faulty logic.

So learn something about a topic that tantalizes your taste buds. And then I dare you not to be excited for the second stage of the process- baking!


Once you’ve armed yourself with a working knowledge of your intended recipe, it’s time to get into the kitchen! Make a mess, get your hands dirty and see what happens!

If you crush it on your first time- celebrate your victory!

Or, if your recipe fails, learn from it. Try to pinpoint your mistake, so you can avoid the same pitfall next time you bake something.

Now, there is no substitution for spending time in your kitchen, building your real life experience! Don’t get stuck in Step One, perpetually learning and never actually baking. The whole point of the process is to get you into your kitchen, making desserts and making mistakes.

That’s right. I want you to make mistakes.

Because mistakes aren’t the enemy.

They stink, yes. But they can be incredible teachers, if you let them. I swear that if you allow yourself to make mistakes, you will become a better baker. In fact, mistakes actually make you smarter and stronger in the long run.

Of course, I’d rather advocate that you follow the recipe and be rewarded with a picture perfect dessert each and every time.

But I know that’s unrealistic.

And I’d much rather you make mistakes and grow; instead of getting so paralyzed by the idea of messing up you that you never even start. No one is born an expert baker. Every baker alive (or not) has been right where you are now- at the beginning.

And all it takes to get better is practice…

Share and Repeat:

… and repetition.

But- in the interest of respecting our mantra- let’s first focus on sharing.

After you’ve spent some time in your kitchen, you need to brag about it! And I don’t care if you’re not a braggadocios person- you need people to recognize your brilliance! If you have people cheering you on, celebrating your victories with you, then you’ll be even more invested in baking.

And if things didn’t go so well in the kitchen, you’ll want outside help to troubleshoot what went wrong. Or to offer constructive suggestions on how you might improve in the future. Cause the odds are, you aren’t the first baker in the world to have that exact problem. Let other people help you!

Because nothing grows in a vacuum- and you won’t either.

Last, but not least, you need to repeat the entire process!

What happens if you don’t?

Well, if you don’t cycle through the process again, then you won’t continue to improve! If you don’t keep challenging yourself, you run the risk of plateauing at your current skill level. And if you stop all together, you could even forget what you’ve learned!

When it comes to improving your baking skills, you’re a shark. If you stop moving, your personal growth will lose momentum and die.

And I don’t want that for you!

I want you to embrace your culinary ambitions! To nurture them! I want you to set goals and reach them! No- slay them! I want your kitchen to be your happy place. I want your homemade desserts to bring a smile to your face. And the faces of those around you.

I want you to experience the joy of baking for yourself!

And the better you are at baking, the more fun you’re going to have in the kitchen! So I’d highly encourage you to start our 3 Step Method today! Go learn something new about baking ASAP!

Why wait to become a Joyful Baker?

Did you try this recipe?

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