How To Repeat And Become a Master Baker In No Time

Cue the Confetti- It’s Graduation Day!

Congratulations- you’ve officially survived boot camp!


After today, we’ll be shipping you out to the real world. We’ve taught you the basics of how to survive the baking process and you’ve passed with flying colors. That’s right- don’t think that all of your hard work and personal growth went unnoticed, you kitchen-warrior, you!


And while I’m as proud as can be, I still have one more day to impart any last wisdom. And I plan to make the most of it! It is my most fervent hope that my advice can provide you with both the knowledge and confidence you need so that your future baking endeavors go off without a hitch. And if they don’t, I hope you’ll know what to do then, too. So I have one last question for you:


Are you ready to learn how to become a master baker?


Then listen up!


According to Malcom Gladwell, in order to become a master of anything, you have to invest 10,000 hours into practicing it. And he’s right.


The best way to master baking is to keep practicing!


Even if you don’t have a spare 10,000 hours to give, (I know that certainly don’t have that kind of free time!) that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest the time that you do have into pursuing it. Cause if you’re serious about improving, I promise that it will be time well spent.


Besides, it’s not much of a sacrifice to have a steady stream of new, mouthwatering, homemade desserts in the house! And I still haven’t mentioned the most important part…


That baking should be fun!


So get out there and try new recipes! Test your limits, expand your know-how, and never lose your curiosity! Because the best way to continue to improve your baking abilities is by continuing to bake!


Of course, now that boot camp’s over, I’ll no longer be twisting your arm and forcing you to practice. So from here on out, practicing your newfound skills will be your choice. And you can, of course, choose not to. Which is a valid option- but there are consequences to it.


If you chose not to continue your culinary education, you might very well forget everything I’ve just taught you! It’s all too easy to forget information that you don’t use regularly- and this is no different. So the absolute worst case scenario is that your skills atrophy to the point of nonexistence.


Which would stink, cause you’ve learned so much!


But that’s the worst case scenario. Let’s be optimists and assume that doesn’t happen.


The singular goal of today’s email is to impress upon you the value of repetition. Repeating your new skills will cement them in your mind. And the more you use them, the more comfortable and familiar they will become.


So instead, let’s say that you continue to use your baking skills, but don’t keep trying new recipes.


What happens then?


Well, you’ll still be able to make a drool-worthy chocolate chip cookie (high five!)… but your skills won’t improve. If you don’t continue to explore and expand your horizons, you’ll plateau. And get stuck at the same beginner level that you’re at right now.


Not to be judgy.


Honestly, that was me. For years.


It wasn’t until I started the bakery that I really put in the time and effort… and discovered just how much I’d been missing out on before!


And the crazy thing is that I didn’t even know it!


So you can do like I used to do- have a top 10 list of favorite recipes and rotate between them. But you’ll never become a master. And now, offering advice from the other side of the 10,000 hour barrier, I would totally 100% recommend you put in the hours!


Because success doesn’t get any sweeter than biting into an absolutely stunning dessert you didn’t know you could pull off!


That’s not to say that there won’t be growing pains. There will. But it’s a natural, normal part of the learning process and you will survive them. And they’ll actually make you stronger and smarter. I promise. And you can trust that I know what I’m talking about here.


I’ve been there and done that… Twice.


I am living, breathing proof that it can be done. Because really, I’m just like you. There’s nothing particularly special about me. The only thing that separates me from you is a couple years of repetition.


Seriously. That’s it. And I have an analogy to prove it.


Think back to yesterday, when I talked about baking as a science, which it is.


But baking’s also an art.


And no artist expects a complete novice to walk into art class one day and make a piece worthy of hanging in Le Louvre. Baking is no different! No one expects you instantly know how to make a jaw dropping, Instagram-worthy cake on your first try. There will be recipe fails and it will take time, and practice, to get to that level of expertise. But I swear that if you put in the time, it will happen.


And it will feel absolutely amazing when it does!


Other than that, just remember the basics. Pick recipes that capture your interest and look like they’ll be doable for whatever your personal skill level is. Always, always, always follow the recipe. Have fun with it. And practice as often as you can.


Because, if you’re serious about becoming a better baker, it’s totally worth investing the time.


Besides, it should be a no brainer. More practice = more yummy cookies!


And who doesn’t want more yummy cookies in their life?!


So just keep spending time in your kitchen and you’ll go far. Feel free to scan Breezeway Bakery’s website to find a constant new stream of tasty recipes. Or explore any of the other food blogs out there for inspiration. Try trolling Pinterest for fresh recipe ideas. Or do a Google search for recipes that use a specific ingredient. Even open up dusty old family recipe books and try your hand at your great aunt’s famous biscuit recipe.


To paraphrase Marie Kondo’s catch phrase: however you want to find recipes that spark joy in your heart, go ahead and do that! Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:


Baking should be fun!


Now get back in your kitchen and live your best baking life, my accomplished graduate! Make me- and more importantly yourself- proud! You’ve got this!!!


Wishing you all the success in the world,