A New Look.

Breezeway Bakery ➜ Joyful Bakers

Hello all!

Mackie from Breezeway Bakery here! Or, well, I used to be.

Now, I’m Mackie from JoyfulBakers.com!

That’s right- Breezeway Bakery has been transformed. And even though we loved Breezeway Bakery, it wasn’t built around the most important aspect of our business- you!

So we decided to rebrand.

Because we don’t do this for us. We do this for you. That’s why we’re not called The Joyful Baker; but rather Joyful Bakers. Plural. Because we want to make our focus very, very clear:

We exist to help you discover the joy of baking!

How do we do that, you ask?

Why, with a new emphasis on education and community outreach!

Our updated website now offers educational resources to help you become a better baker. Whatever your skill level at the start, we believe we can still help you improve.

Additionally, we now have a community tab. And we’re really excited about it!

Our community is a free forum that everyone can follow. But, if you join our family of Joyful Bakers, you can use it to interact with your fellow bakers! Ask questions, brag about your baking successes, and maybe even make new friends.

We’re dedicated to helping you become the best baker you can be. And with Joyful Bakers.com, we believe that we can do an even better job than before. Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Our sole focus is to help you discover the joy of baking!

So why don’t you join us in the kitchen and become a joyful baker yourself?!

Mackie, The Original Joyful Baker

Did you try this recipe?

Share a photo with the community so we can all enjoy your hard work!  I’d love to see how it came out. 😊


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