Who We Are.

We are a brother-sister team making the world a better, tastier place through tantalizing food videos and photography. We grew up believing that food tastes better when made from scratch; so we focus on making easy to follow recipes that will inspire you to develop your own love for baking.

What We Do.

Joyful Bakers was founded on a simple idea: to share the love that we have for baking with others. At first, we thought the best way to do that way by showcasing the most drool-worthy, jaw dropping recipes that the internet had to offer.

But over time, it became clear that what we really had to offer had very little to do with the recipes themselves. Instead, we discovered that it was, in fact, the kitchen savvy techniques that we’d picked up over the years that would truly help people discover their baking bliss.

And with that realization, we threw ourselves wholeheartedly into creating educational blog posts, as well as baking courses, to help everyday people become the masters of their own kitchens.

Because the goal has been clear and simple from the start: we want to help you discover the joy of baking!

Now that you know what we stand for, I’d like to introduce you to the co-founders of this little operation. We are Mackie and Shaughn; a brother-sister team that make good partners because we are nothing alike.

Mackie does all the baking, types the blogs, and cleans the kitchen; while Shaughn spends his time studying business strategies, building out our website, and running the many numbers that make our business tick.

And as long as we focus on our strengths, things run smoothly.

However, when we try and reverse roles, things get… unpredictable. Mackie’s brain shuts down at the sight of too many numbers and the last time Shaughn was allowed in the kitchen, he broke a Pyrex bowl that had survived 50 years of reliable use. Suffice it to say, Rome would crumble if we had to switch roles.

But when it comes to the most important things, we have everything in common.

It is our shared goal to help everyone who visits our site; we aspire to cut through any culinary confusion you may have, so that you can make happy memories in your kitchen. You see, we grew up in a house brimming with love and good food. And we watched our parents prove that no dream was impossible to achieve… with a lot of teamwork and sweat, that is!

And that’s what we want for you, too!

With a little guidance from us- and some patience on your part- we truly believe that you can achieve your own, personal baking ambitions. Because joy-filled people, who share good food with others, is one surefire way to make the world a better place for all of us.

Our Baking Journey:

Hi there! I’m Mackie, the baking half of the Joyful Bakers team. I’m delighted that you’re interested in learning more about who exactly is pulling the strings behind the curtain. You’re curious- and I like that about you.

Now, in order to fully explain who I am, I have to take you back in time- to the beginning of my baking journey, many, many years ago.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved to bake. However, this was mostly out of necessity, since I’ve always had a deadly sweet-tooth.

My mother baked prolifically throughout my entire childhood, and continues to bake to this day. But it was the parade sweet treats that she baked as I was growing up that left a lasting impression. I knew that I needed to learn how to make such delicacies for myself!

And that was it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

That said, baking hasn’t always been my primary focus. Actually, for most of my life, baking was just a hobby!

In the early days, I’d only bake when I needed a sugar fix. If there were no desserts in the house, then I’d simply whip up a batch of cookies. But, once I was in my high school and college years, baking took on a different role in my life.

Stress relief.

No matter how complicated or demanding my life became, I could always follow a recipe and count on the dessert to come out perfectly.

When life felt overwhelming, I would stand in the corner of my kitchen and just bake. For hours. Making the same recipe on repeat, not even bothering to wash the bowl in between batches, baking in bulk. Most of the treats would get frozen for another day, when I had less free time. And that’s how I would spend my weekends. Having fun, baking alone with my headphones in.

No joke.

Then, in 2017, my baby brother came to me with an idea. It was ambitious and crazy… and I wanted nothing to do with it.

Start an Internet Bakery? What did that even mean? I was no professional baker- it was a simply pastime. Besides, the only people who’d ever even laid eyes on my desserts were family and friends. Surely my skills were not up to being displayed on a world stage!

But I didn’t have any other plans.

My love for my college degree had recently died after one particularly nasty critique and I no longer wanted to pursue a career in architecture. The mere thought of three more years of schooling and two years of internship turned my stomach. My life’s “plan” had been foiled and I was at loose ends. And here was Shaughn, burning with energy, enthusiasm, and hope. Offering me a new plan.

A way forward.

But… an entrepreneurship built on the back of my baking prowess? Really?!

After much convincing, I eventually agreed.

And the beginning was rough.

I had no experience working with cameras. And the way that I baked in the privacy of my own home did not look pretty on camera. Over the years, my knowledge of how to use the equipment improved dramatically. Of course, so did the equipment. We strategically upgraded everything as we went along- tech, lighting, backdrops, even our silverware got overhauled!

And my baking skills also underwent a trial by fire.

There were way too many half-finished recipe videos that will never (and I mean never) see the light of day. Something went amiss- a ganache failed to drip or a cake grew so tall that it collapsed under its own weight- and I’d be left to adapt. Adjusting on the fly to try and salvage the recipe. I’d scrape off the ruined ganache and make a fresh batch. Or I’d remove the top two layers of the cake and make it a two layer cake instead. No one has to know it was originally intended to be a four layer cake…

Or I was overwhelmed by the weight of all the skills I was lacking- namely photography and videography skills- so I ended up procrastinating until the food spoiled. That literally happened- and I’m so not proud of it. But you’ll never see it. Because what’s a recipe video without a beautiful finished product to show at the end of it? Worthless, that’s what.

So yeah, there was a learning curve. Or two.

Even now, with my countless hours of dedication in the kitchen, things still go wrong! And it can be downright maddening! Something unpredictable happened and there was no clever solution to save the content.

Why? I don’t know.

Perhaps the culinary gods are fickle.

More likely, cause I did something wrong. So I try and figure out what I did wrong, so I can fix it. Usually I can pin point it, but sometimes it’s just a mystery. But my point is that “perfect” is a moving target that’s always out of grasp. Still. To this day.

So, I’m gonna be honest with you: who am I?

No one special.

I don’t have any special wisdom that you couldn’t find on any number of other food blogs. Baking is formulaic and once you get it down, you’ll find that you can be successful in almost any baking endeavor you decide to take on. And I want you to take on the world!

Who am I? Well, I’m someone who can help you do exactly that.

If you’ll let me, I’d love to be there to help you navigate the messy edges and unexpected hurdles in your kitchen. Baking can be a blessing. But sometimes it can just be a giant pain in the butt! Either way, I’d be honored if you’d allow me to offer what little wisdom I do have, so that your own baking adventure can be a little less bumpy.

Because having fun in the kitchen- and helping you discover a joy for baking- is what Joyful Bakers and I are all about!

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